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Hi! Welcome to My Page. 

If you have just stumbled here then go and buy a lottery ticket!!! - if you are that lucky you need to use that luck while you can!. 
If you have just followed all the links from google,etc  then Welcome Viewing Millions. In here you willl find what amounts to the total knowledge accumulated by man to date.  I have concentrate principally on the the following subjects : 
  1.  Significant events and influences  in Quantum Mechanics and Bio-engineering
  2.  The similarities between Zen, Religion and the search for self
  3.  Sex and Pornography and it's influence in modern culture
  4.  The maths behind the greatest songs of the 1980's
  5.  Similarities between the top 17 most popular written languages 
But since you are very busy people I have had to summarise in order to get the message across but still have space for the others. 
Sorry if this too cryptic for some, I can only urge you to read between the lines !!

So below are the various catagories: 


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