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 Name  Stephen Andrew Johnston
 Born  Apparently so (some would say Allegedly so...)
 Residing  On a planet
 Reading/Leeds Festival
 Anything Live. Rugby and Football on TV
 Hannah and Jieng
 Anything/everything alcoholic
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OK - Enough is enough. From now on in it just gets serious!
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Too scared for blind faith?
Too tired to chase the dream?
Fed-up of the seemingly endless rounds of re-incarnation?
Too stressed to continue climbing the greasy pole?
Losing sight of Nirvana?

You need Floism.

Floism removes the need to search for answers because it asks no questions.
Floism offers no aggravation, no standards that you have to meet, no targets, no higher moral ground.
Floism is not a religion it is simply a lifestyle choice.

A peaceful, tranquil existence is guaranteed through Floism.

Based around the original concept of "Going with the flow," Floism has evolved over the years into a lifestyle that many have found unparalleled. Removing from oneself the need to come to any descision and therefore abdicating any responsibility for the results of any decision is truly liberating.

One of the best things about Floism is that you dont need to do anything rash to begin practising the art. There is no ritual that needs to be performed to allow you to become a Floist, no conversion nor confirmation nor swearing of oath. You can start very gently at your own pace by simply letting someone else choose for you in a matter that is of no real importance anyway. Let the waiter chose the wine to compliment your meal, let your dog choose which route for the evening walk, let your partner choose the take-away food, let your children choose the movie. Once you have started you'll be amazed at the feeling of cares simply slipping away, weight falling off of your shoulders, burdens ligthened. The more you turn to Floism the more you'll want to shrink back from those mind-numbingly trivial decisions! Pretty soon you'll have salesmen everywhere telling you exactly what the best product for you really is rather than just marketing at you. You'll have everyone happy with you because you'll always let them have what they want.

When you reach the true heights of Floism you too, like me, will be spending your time on a tropical beach drinking beers waiting for the barmaid to come and tell you its time to go home!

Floism. You know you want to!

Questions asked and answered

Q: Isn't that, like, just, like, giving up, like?
A: No, not at all. The only thing you give up is fear.

Q: Doesn't this philosophy remove from the participant any semblence of free will?
A: Your question implies that free will is a good thing. Floists do not necessarily accept that this is the case. There are many examples in history where certain people's free will caused nothing but harm to thousands and possibly millions of others. Having said that, no one can go with the flow if there isn't a flow to go with so any participant of Floism will still have free will whenever he or she is alone.

Q: Why is it Floism rather than Flowism?
A: True adepts in the art come to understand this.

Q: Are you not leaving yourself open to con artists?
A: No more so than anyone else on the planet. I would venture to say less so actually. If you need to ask three or four of your closest friends before making a decision then what chance does a con artist have to sell you nothing for something?

Q: How do 2 Floists faced with life a threatening situation make a decision?
A: They don't.

Q: How do Floists deal with the world's inequities?
A: Exactly the same way as everyone else does.

Look out for new updates every other prime numbered blue-moon if said blue-moons are numbered chronologically sequentially from the blue-moon that is generally accepted to be the first verifiably and officially recorded blue-moon that being the blue-moon recorded by the prime assistant deputy blue-moon recorder to the fourth emperor of the Tang dynasty.
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