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James Morle The 40th

 Best Friends  Best Friends (again)  Al (Glorious Technicolor) Fine Art pic of Al
 James talking music geek stuff  no sorry - he's just drunk Mogens  Mogens (spot the difference)
 A lovely Cat An intelligent Scot ( but he's behind the camera - sorry)  Dave in Color  Now you use your crayons and colour in Dave.. 
 Mogens and Graham  Best Friends ( another try - statistically I should get one right)  Beckys Mates Beckys Mate without the distracting colouring
 This is what happens when you mix wine, muse and photoshop. be warned.  Wine , photoshop and Velvet Underground..  Beauties and the .. No thats not fair.. especially given that shot of me earlier..  Father and Daughter 
 Father and Daughter ( take 2)  Al (yup another one )  James and Margherita More Guests ( Note to self - get a note of names!! ) 
  Same Guest different Picture More Guests!! Margherita  Best Freinds    
 Becky (again)  Connor  Connor - again ( and i may have been playing lust for life.. )  Holly
 Holly's friend Holly mid twirl      Holly  Twirling . Wine.  Blondie. nuff said.  a slighter better version (IMHO) 

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