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Hannahs 18th Birthday party 


First we made a toast  to absent Friends....

Hannah managed to wait until midnight before opening her first present. 

Andrew was dressed to kill 

Chris was looking oober-cool

Laura was breathless in anticipation..

And finally the moment arrived when Hannah could open a present!!

There was a frenzy for the box..

David reinvented the hoodie.. 
Then Hannah found the chocolates


Cory found out there was still beer in the fridge!


Laura insisted she did her smurf impersonation

Jade joined in.. 

Then Hannah decided to tell her funny jokes.. 


Shayla said she loved the jokes..  

They were rolling in the aisles. 

Not everyone found them funny though.

Cory announced he was a superhero. 


Laura was impressed.

Hannah insists she was 'resting her eyes'. 
I , for one, believe her. 

Andrew thought he might apply for the job as top flight investigative journalist.. 


Ian decided today was a good day.

OK. It's a rubbish picture but it nearly was a good picture. Couldn't resist it had to included it - Max and Jade. 
Birthday Cake

The gang was there. Perfect Birthday.